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Lorenzo Mameli traces his love of rock and roll music back to the day in his boyhood when his father brought home a copy of “Meet The Beatles”. His love of radio began soon thereafter with the hours he would spend listening to legendary New York Top-40 station WABC-AM on a transistor radio. Later, he embarked on a career in the music industry that included stints in retail, promotions and artist management. He has been the host of The Rocker on Maker Park Radio since October 2019. His commitment to playing a diverse hodgepodge of generation spanning rock music while promoting has attracted a devoted (and growing) listenership from across the country and around the world.

He has recently embarked on a career in voice work. His latest credit as a voice actor is in Anthony Welch’s original dramatic series, Street Smart. He can be heard as the voice of a debt collector at the very beginning of the pilot episode. (He also is credited as script consultant.) This episode was named the winner of the Best Pilot award at the 2021 NYC Web Fest, and can be viewed by clicking on this link: Street Smart (Pilot) – FOOTPRINT


In 1973, Irish rockers Thin Lizzy released their third album, “Vagabonds of the Western World.” Standing out among the record’s eight tracks was “The Rocker”, a rollicking rave-up featuring the driving drums of Brian Downey, the guitar heroics of Eric Bell, and the distinctive vocal strutting of the now legendary Philip Lynott. Every episode of THE ROCKER program opens with the intro to the song. It’s a small tribute to a man worthy of a much larger one. Phil’s music ranged from hard rock to bluesy boogie to sweet ballads, all interspersed with his lyrical poetry and deep pride for his Celtic heritage. He was a true renaissance man. He was THE ROCKER.